Basement Remodeling Chicago, IL

Basements are versatile. They can be transformed into almost any room that meets a household’s needs.

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Basement Remodeling IL: An All-In-One Solution To Redo Basements

Your basement can be more than just your home’s storage space. Through a basement remodel, we can transform this underused space in your home into an area your family would absolutely love!

Basement Remodeling IL is our all-in-one solution for transforming basements into beautiful amenities. Whether you want to turn your basement into a guest room or game room, we can provide you with all the assistance and services you need to make it happen.

We expertly handle basement remodeling projects using the design-build approach to guarantee a smooth and hassle-free process. Our basement remodelers in Chicago consist of professionals in various fields, such as design, construction, plumbing, electrical, etc. In other words, we are all you need to make your basement one of the best features of your home!

Basement Remodeling Chicago, IL

The Benefits of Remodeling Your Basement

By finishing your basement, you gain the following benefits:

Add Livable Square Footage To Your Home.
Remodeling your basement can expand your home’s livable square footage without going through the hassles of building a new structure. Nowadays, many homeowners convert their basements into in-law suites, offices, gyms, entertainment areas, etc.
Increase Your Home’s Resale Value.
A finished basement is an attractive feature for many homebuyers because it is versatile. By finishing a basement, homeowners can turn it into any room that meets their family’s immediate and future needs.
Enhance Your Home’s Efficiency.
A basement remodeling project involves adding insulation to the walls, ceiling, and floor. This slows down heat transfer and keeps the space comfortable in any season.
Prevents Water Damage.
Are you ready to transform your basement into a more functional space with us? Below is an outline of our process:

The Basement Remodeling IL Process

Are you ready to transform your basement into a more functional space with us? Below is an outline of our process:

Planning and Design Phase

Proper planning is the key to creating a well-designed basement. In this stage of the basement remodeling process, you and one of our design professionals will discuss the details of your project. You will talk about how you want to use the space, the features you want to incorporate in the design, your budget, preferences, timeline, etc.

An onsite visit by your designer or project manager is included in this phase of the project. During the visit, they will inspect your basement to help them develop a great design and strategic construction plans.

Preparation Phase
Our team will start processing the permits, scheduling inspections and subcontractors, procuring materials, etc. You do not have to worry about anything in this stage of the basement remodeling process since we will handle all the work for you.
Remodeling Phase

After acquiring all the necessary permits and construction materials, our contractors will begin with the actual remodeling process and execute all the plans developed in the previous stages.

Expect the city inspector to drop by a few times during this stage of the project. The inspections are government-mandated to ensure that our work strictly adheres to the building codes.

Final Phase
When the remodel is almost complete, you will be performing a walk-through with your project manager to inspect and evaluate our workmanship. This will allow us to immediately fix any problems with our work and ensure your satisfaction.

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Are you planning to remodel your basement? Take advantage of our all-in-one solution to enjoy an efficient and convenient remodeling experience. Inquire about our basement remodeling services and other contracting services by contacting us by phone or email.