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Tips on How to Choose The Right Basement Paint Color

Basements were initially designed as a functional room. It used to be a place for laundry and food and tool storage. However, today they have become a popular feature in new homes and a versatile room. It can be an additional bedroom, a family or game room, or a mudroom. And when it comes to choosing your basement paint color, it depends on how you plan to use it and its style.

Basement Remodeling IL aims to help you make your basement remodeling project more comfortable and less stressful. So, we made a list of tips to help you choose your basement paint color.

1. Access to Natural Light

If your basement has many sources of natural light, you have plenty of options in paint color. You can either choose dark or light colors, and they will look great. You do not have to worry about the color making the room seem crowded or confining.

However, if your basement has ground-level windows, you might consider the effect of the green of your landscape and grass on your walls during daylight. When the windows are close to the ground, your landscape or ground cover can change your paint color significantly in the daylight. Therefore, sampling paint is crucial in your basement paint color.

2. No Natural Light

Having no natural light could be an issue in any other room of your home. However, it is not the case with the basement. It can be the perfect spot for a home theater or media room. Your lighting fixture is crucial in choosing your basement color in a room with not much natural light. Deep and rich colors are perfect options. To prevent having a cave-like room, make sure you have several lighting sources, and you do not have dark corners around your basement.

However, if you would like to have a man cave-like basement, you can choose any dark color, and you do not have to worry about the space. Ensure you have enough lighting for every activity going on there.

3. One Large Open Space

Some basements are wide open spaces, and choosing just one paint color for the whole basement can be overwhelming. If your basement has different uses, use color to separate the areas of activities. You can try mixing up the color from area to area to create a visual separation. Mold or vertical stripes are good ideas for separating your spaces.

Instead of starting and stopping your color in the middle of the wall, use room dividers, fireplaces, and shelves to separate your paint color more attractively. Select one color scheme for your whole basement. Basement Remodelers Chicago can help you plan how to divide your basement color correctly for your design and style.

4. Stone Walls or Features

If your basement has stone features like a fireplace or extensive cement, take the color of the stone or cement to your possible options. Stone and cement can cause a gray shadow to white walls or walls with soft colors. To reduce all the gray shadows in your basement, choose saturated wall colors.

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