Custom Home Building Chicago, IL

Building a home from scratch takes money, patience, and commitment. However, it also brings forth the most fulfillment.

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Custom Home Building Chicago, IL | Our Home Building Process

Finding a property for sale that perfectly fits our wants and meets our unique needs is not easy. Sometimes, it can take years to come across a house that is not exactly perfect but “will do.” Fortunately, there is one way to ensure that your next house ticks all the boxes in your list: building from the ground up.

We understand that you have your worries about custom home building in Chicago. That is why we created this guide to give you information about our home-building process. This way, you can determine whether this is the route you should take as you pursue homeownership.

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Initial Consultation

We would love to know more about you, your interests, ideas for your new home, and expectations. We would also be more than willing to tell you about who we are, what we do, and how we can help you. Therefore, we begin our process with a pre-scheduled and free initial consultation.

The initial consultation is the most crucial step in the entire home building process. It allows you to gauge and compare us with other custom home builders. In addition, it helps us immediately determine whether we can add value to your project or not. Because suppose that we are not the best option; then, we can provide you with recommendations as to which company would be a better match for your project.

After the talk, we will give you a document that details our initial projection of how much your new home would cost. This is our estimate, and we give it free of charge. You can use this to compare our rates with other builders or secure your funds for the project.

Contract Signing

When you decide to hire us, we will set another appointment to discuss your project in more detail. We will talk about who you want to be responsible for specific tasks. For example, you can have your new home’s design done by the architect of your choice.

We have an in-house designer who can work with you on the design. We can also be in charge of pulling permits, scheduling the inspections, and selecting the subcontractors.

After deciding on the specifics, we will discuss our terms and draft a contract that you can review before signing. If you wish to clarify anything in the contract, we would be happy to sit down with you to discuss them.


After you sign the contract, we will begin the pre-construction phase. We will work on your designs, construction plans, and other deliverables in this stage of the home building process. The permits will be obtained, the materials will be procured, your finishes will be ordered, etc.

Custom home building in Chicago can get overly expensive without proper planning. This is why this stage of the process can sometimes take months.


The construction phase officially begins when the permits are ready. This is the stage of the project where we execute the plans we developed during the previous phase.

Homeowners are usually not as hands-on as in the previous phase. However, to keep you in the loop, your project manager will be communicating with you every now and then to bring you updates.


When your new home is ready, a city inspector will visit the site to check our adherence to building codes. If everything is in order, the city inspector will provide you with a Certificate of Occupancy. Finally, you can enjoy living in your new custom home.

Start custom home building in Chicago.

Building a home from the ground up may seem like a lot of work. But, with the right team at your side, you can enjoy a smooth and fast home construction experience.

We also offer home remodeling in Chicago. Contact us via phone or email to learn more about our contracting services.