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To avoid these deck sealing mistakes, it would be best to call a professional to do the task. Deck Sealing IL has been in the industry for several years and has helped many homeowners in Chicago, IL, in sealing their decks. We have professionals to help you achieve an even deck sealing finish.

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Common Mistakes You Need To Know in Deck Sealing

A wooden deck is a perfect platform for good times: however, that surface requires an appropriate sealant to protects it from the sun, rain, and sudden temperature changes. Many homeowners attempt to seal their deck by themselves. Though deck sealing is not the most challenging DIY task, you need to know some tricks and techniques you need to know. That is why it would be best to call a professional to do the job to avoid additional costs and unsatisfying results.

Here are some of the common mistakes in deck sealing that you need to know:

1. Not Removing Dirt From The Surface

Make sure the surface is clean before you begin any deck project. If it is adequately cleaned, the sealer will last longer. However, many homeowners do not clean their decks thoroughly before sealing. It should be deep cleaned to remove the dirt and dust and then conditioned. The deck has to be gently sanded to remove any splintering or fiber when applying a sealer. And it should be adequately prepped for even absorption.

2. Applying Sealer Too Soon

It is crucial to prep the surface when sealing the deck. It has to be washed, conditioned, and sanded. Do not rush in applying the sealer. The deck must be thoroughly dry before applying the sealer as it may lead to bubbling and peeling. The sealer seals the wood, so if the moisture is trapped, the sealer will lock it into the wood, causing it to shrink and break the sealer.

3. Over Coating

Overcoating may seem a good idea, but not in applying a deck sealer in Chicago. Wood is a fiber, and it can only absorb enough sealer. If you apply too much sealer, the wood cannot absorb it. If you overcoat the sealer, it will be susceptible to premature peeling and crackling. So, applying enough sealer is crucial to have the best result.

4. Uneven Application

Deck sealer in Chicago is translucent when applied, so you can easily see any imperfection in applications. Therefore, when using a sealer, you have to apply it to one board at a time to avoid overlapping and provide you an even finish. Ensure to follow the direction of the grain and use it entirely to the end without stopping. If there is any drip mark, it should be brushed to blend evenly.

5. New Decks

Most homeowners do not think about prepping their new deck before applying a sealer. It is essential to prep the new wood as it contains Mill Glaze, a shiny coating on the wood. And this glazed have to be removed because it acts as a barrier. To prep it for a satisfying finish, it only needs light cleaning and sanding.

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